SEP 17, 2015 07:30 AM PDT

WEBINAR: Lab sustainability: keeping the planet and your wallet green

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  • Product Manager, ULT Freezers and New Brunswick Shakers, Eppendorf North America
      Daniela Marino is the Product Manager for Ultra-low temperature freezers and New Brunswick biological shakers at Eppendorf North America. There she is responsible for sales support, marketing, service coordination, and overall management of these two product lines for all of the United States and Canada.

      Daniela Marino started her studies with aspirations to become a doctor. In the interim between graduating from Quinnipiac with a bachelor's in science and starting applications for pre-requisite tests, she began working at Eppendorf North America as a customer service representative. Once ingrained in the corporate culture, she realized that she was actually set out for a different career path; a career in product management. Over the next 5 years she grew personally and professionally, supporting a variety of products and working her way to where she is today. She has been responsible for a variety of products from centrifuges, mixers, PCR machines, cell technology equipment, shakers, CO2 incubators, ULT freezers and more.

      Additionally, for the past three years she has had a strong focus on managing Eppendorf's epGreen initiative Over the past few years, the Eppendorf sustainable program has grown and built awareness of the opportunities we have as scientist to make more sustainable decisions in the lab. However, the Eppendorf epgreen initiative started way before Daniela joined Eppendorf and pursued further development of the program.

      Eppendorf has participated in the global initiative to reduce energy consumption since it was founded in 1945 by introducing to the world high quality products to aid in advancements in science. It has been recognized that equipment which requires refrigeration, or that run all day can be engineered to run optimally on minimal energy. Eppendorf's green initiative began many years ago when they started to equip all refrigerated centrifuge models with CFC-free refrigerants which have a zero ozone depletion potential. Since then, they have developed new features and innovative technologies that considerably reduce the overall energy consumption of the Eppendorf products today, from the manufacturing processes all the way to the lab bench.

    DATE: September 17, 2015
    TIME: 7:30AM PDT, 10:30AM EDT

    As technology advances and globalization develops, our way of life has become more dependent on energy sources to power our everyday activities. The energy we use in our everyday life generates the majority of greenhouse gases in the form of CO2 emissions that are increasing our carbon footprint. CO2 emissions have a wearing effect on our atmosphere, resulting in environmental changes that may become detrimental to human life in the future. Whereas these effects are not always tangible, it is hard for some to justify making changes to the daily routine. Many have now become interested in the initiative to be green because financially there are also rewards in reducing energy consumption. The biotechnology industry has now recognized its role in this global initiative, and has focused on improving laboratory products to reduce energy consumption without depriving functionality or reproducibility.

    Today, both manufacturers and researchers are making large strides in reducing the overall energy consumption for labs and their equipment. From choosing the right product, to maintaining that product, and recycling or re-using that product, there are many ways to give back to the environment without compromising on quality, performance, and reproducibility of important research. Let us all work together in keeping our blue planet green!

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