FEB 05, 2014 07:00 PM PST

Laws & Regulations Involving Laboratory Animal Industry in China

  • Attending Veterinarian, AstraZeneca, China

      Frank Lu graduated from Nanjing Agriculture University in 2007 with a Masters degree in veterinary medicine. He is a licensed veterinarian certified by China's Ministry of Agriculture, and a registered AALAS certified Laboratory Animal Technician (LAT). Currently, Frank works for AstraZeneca R&D in Shanghai, China as the Attending Veterinarian. He is actively involved within company IACUC and oversees the Occupational Health and Safety programs. Before joining AstraZeneca, Frank Lu served as the Attending Veterinarian at Wuxi AppTec in Suzhou, and later at MPI/Medicilon in Shanghai.


    The laboratory animal industry had expanded rapidly in China recently. It is critical to have a good basic understanding of the domestic laws and regulations involving laboratory animals if anyone wish to engage in this industry in China. The goal of this presentation is to review the regulatory requirements associated with laboratory animal science and animal research in China, point out areas of similarities and differences with US regulations, serving as a basic reference for anyone who wish to explore career opportunity in laboratory animal science and medicine in China.

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