Measuring Outcomes of CRISPR Experiments & Leveraging Cas9 for Targeted Sequencing



CRISPR experiments are a powerful tool which are easy to carry out, however it is more difficult to determine the outcome of these experiments, and to ensure that only the desired targets were addressed and were so correctly. I will describe new methods to evaluate the outcomes of CRISPR experiments and highlight their importance for characterizing the results and lay a foundation for future optimizations. In addition, I will describe new methods to leverage the specificity of Cas9 to target genomic regions without amplification for sequencing with high accuracy and multiplex capabilities.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the importance of measuring outcomes of CRISPR experiments, limitations of previous approaches, and the benefits of new methods

2. Learn about new methods to leverage Cas9 to target genomic regions for sequencing without amplification with high specificity, accuracy and multiplex

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