JUN 11, 2015 9:00 AM PDT

Microtomy to Special Stains

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In the case of Breast Cancer, the patient's cancer is usually detected by a mammogram or palpitation of an experienced Physician. However, these first indications that something is wrong must be confirmed by a more scientific approach. Usually what follows is an actual biopsy; a sample of the tissue in question is removed from the person. Once a tumor is confirmed from the biopsy, then a more radical surgical approach may be necessary or other treatments are performed. Part 2 of the series addresses the importance of proper microtomy of these surgical samples and knowledge of basics of H&E stains. Learning Objectives: To demonstrate the safety and ergonomics of microtomy. Describe and discuss tips for getting the best section possible in microtomy. Understand and identify the basic chemistry of an H&E stain. Examine photomicrographs of a quality H&E stains.

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