MAY 14, 2020 3:30 PM CEST

Genexus - A Major Step Forward in Diagnostic NGS



NGS is still perceived as a complex, hard to implement and validate method that requires highly experienced people. Outsourcing next-generation sequencing (NGS) testing could be an option to overcome these limitations but it might end up being very expensive, and stringent sample requirements often lead to results being of poor quality and inconclusive. Recent clinical research studies show this issue effects approximately 20% of patients, excluding samples not submitted because they failed to meet sample quantity criteria.  A Multi-centric evaluation of performance of the Genexus Integrated Sequencer and Oncomine Precision Assay in detecting variants from FFPE and plasma samples of different type of tumors across four external customer laboratory sites will be discussed and concordance, success rate and reproducibility of results on different class of biomarkers will be presented. The results highlight how is possible to adopt in any molecular laboratory a complete and reliable molecular profiling solution for the testing of variants relevant for cancer management in an automated and fast manner.


Learning Objectives:

1. Discover how it is possible to get a comprehensive genomic profile of tumor samples with the speed of IHC

2. Identify how to enable 1 day results for FFPE and Liquid Biopsy testing with same assay

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