MAY 09, 2018 09:00 AM PDT

NASA's GeneLab Project: Public Access to Spaceflight Omics Data

C.E. CREDITS: CEU | P.A.C.E. CE | Florida CE
  • Scientist, Space Biosciences Research Branch, NASA
      Dr. Sigrid Reinsch has expertise in cell and developmental biology and has worked in the Space Biosciences Research Branch at NASA's Ames Research Center since 1998. Prior to NASA, she completed a Ph.D. in Cell Biology at the University of California San Francisco and a post-doctoral fellowship at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany. She currently serves as a Senior Scientist on NASA's GeneLab Project, which capitalizes on multi-omic technologies to maximize the return on spaceflight experiments. The GeneLab project houses spaceflight and spaceflight relevant multi-omics data in a publicly accessible data commons, and collaborates with NASA-funded principal investigators to enable omics analyses on their experiments.


    Dr. Sigrid Reinsch will discuss NASA’s GeneLab Project whose goal is to develop a unique publicly accessible repository and collaborative workspace that hosts multi-omics datasets generated through biological experiments flown in space. Dr. Reinsch will discuss the mission of GeneLab within the context of NASA’s Space Biology Project and the longer term goals for space exploration. She will then detail how the database is structured, and the unique challenges of generating and analyzing spaceflight omics data. She will discuss the Systems Biology approaches currently used to understand the Omics results from space flight model systems (rodent, fruit fly etc) in the context of tissue response (i.e. muscle, liver, other vital organs). Strategies regarding how GeneLab envisions the involvement of the scientific community and the public at large will also be presented, with current and future capabilities of the system.  Anyone interested in how omics technologies can enable space exploration, or who is curious to understand how space modifies living organisms should attend.

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