Niosomes as a bilayer nanocarrier for combinative drug delivery



The past few decades have seen a substantial increase in the research based on nanocarrier based combinative drug therapies in various diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, Alzheimer’s and, asthma. However, due to prolonged dosage regimens, increased doses of the drugs, side effects and lack of stability, their large-scale use and upscaling to industrial levels have been affected. Hence, there is a need to develop a nano drug delivery approach in order to tackle the above issues and provide a better therapy to the patients. Niosomes or non-ionic surfactant-based liposomes are promising bilayer nanocarriers with an ability to entrap drugs having different modes of action within a single vesicle. There have been many potential advancements in this specific field where lipid based nanocarriers have showcased excellent stability of the nanoformulation along with better therapeutic actions in comparison to free drug combinations.  This talk will specifically focus on the use and future potential of these bilayer niosomes as a combinative drug delivery option for future treatments. This presentation will also showcase our work on the use of dual drug loaded niosomes in regards to the treatment of Tuberculosis and Breast cancer.

Learning Objectives:

1. Provide budding researchers and students to come up with novel combinatorial drug delivery approaches using different lipidic and other nanocarriers.

2. Showcase the potential of niosomes as a robust alternative to liposomes in terms of drug effectiveness and stability.

3. Using this approach or technology targeting different diseases using FDA approved drugs and nanocarriers is envisioned for a faster clinical trial and market approval of the nanoformulation.

4. The study discussed will help in fostering novel ideas and applications in different areas of pharmaceutical and medical sciences.

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