MAY 10, 2018 12:00 PM PDT

Precision Medicine and Pharmacogenomics in Community Pharmacy and Primary Care Setting

C.E. CREDITS: CEU | P.A.C.E. CE | Florida CE
  • CEO/President, RX Clinic Pharmacy/AVANT Institute of Clinicians
      Amina Abubakar, PharmD, AAHIVP, is the owner of Rx Clinic Pharmacy in Charlotte, NC.
      She graduated from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy University of the Sciences in
      2005. She is also both the founder and President of the Avant Institute of Clinical
      Pharmacy, where her passion for furthering the impact and success of clinical
      pharmacy services is realized through online learning, webinars and consultations with
      pharmacies across the United States.

      She is a clinical pharmacist, Certified HIV Specialty Pharmacist, and a preceptor to UNC
      Chapel Hill residents and students from several schools of pharmacy.
      She has fostered an environment that showcases the significance and impact of patient
      care of community pharmacists by collaborating with medical providers and expanding
      pharmacist led clinical services in her community.

      She serves as a board member for Pharmacogenetics Center of Excellence, a non-profit
      dedicated to advocacy for the profession of pharmacy in pharmacogenetics.
      She also serves as a Luminary for CPESN USA, where she helps other community
      pharmacists to facilitate the advancement of CPESN networks.

      Currently, she shares her experience and passion for pharmacy advancements through
      the Avant Institute. The institute offers online trainings as well as Advanced Learning
      Immersion Experience (ALIE) a simulation lab for those seeking to experience first hand
      pharmacist led clinical services.

      Amina also advocates for pharmacists by engaging with policy makers all over the
      country on Pharmacogenomics. She was invited to the White House Office of Science
      and Technology Policy and to the FDA to discuss the role of pharmacists in


    To provide insight on the utility and practicality of implementing a pharmacist-driven pharmacogenomics program in a community pharmacy or primary care setting and to provide a clinical update on common drug-gene implications using clinical case vignettes.

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