JUL 13, 2016 10:00 AM PDT

Production Advisor

  • Director, Pharmacy Technology Department, Cardinal Health
      Director, Pharmacy Technology Department, Nuclear Pharmacist. Extensive experience in Nuclear Pharmacy operations focused on utilizing technology to improve pharmacy efficiency and patient safety. I will have been with Cardinal Health for 20 years on July 1, 2016.
    • Sr. Engineer, Software Engineering, Cardinal Health
        Ben joined Cardinal Health NPS as the technical lead over the Pharmacy Operations tower of the Nuclear Fusion program.

        Since the introduction of Isotrac Ben has been responsible various technology solutions of key performance improvement initiatives such as the MOM program, Generator Profiler, Regional Vial Sharing, and the Generator Sharing Utility.

        Ben and his wife Julie have been married for 12 years, and has three children: Justin (20), Miles (9), and Addison (4).

      The MOM program had a goal of balancing costs to spread the compounding process throughout the day.  This opened the doors to optimizing generator supply based on demand patterns.
      The Production advisor, however, has a bit of a different goal. 
      By evaluating materials on-hand, the Production Advisor will maximize the utilization of the materials it knows you have and will work to shift the materials balance and minimize expenses. 
      While MOM was optimizing to what you *could* have, the PA advisor is optimizing what you *DO* have.

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