APR 20, 2021 7:00 AM PDT

Rapid biotherapeutic charge variant analysis by CZE-UV and CZE-MS

Sponsored by: SCIEX

Event Date & Time
Date:  April 20, 2021
Time: 7:00am (PDT),  10:00am (EST)
There is a vital need to characterize Biopharmaceuticals in early phase screening to ensure the most suitable candidates are accelerated through the development funnel. Charge variants and amino acid sequence variants are critical quality attributes (CQAs) which need to be characterized and controlled quickly during screening and process development.
Rapid charge variant analysis is performed by gold standard CZE and cIEF capillary electrophoresis methods with optical detection. However, identification of unknown charge variant peaks remains a challenge without complex workflows involving fraction collection. The work presented here demonstrates that CE-MS profiles near identical to those from CZE and cIEF allows identification of unknown charge variant peaks in under 10 minutes.
What you will learn:
  • Understand why capillary electrophoresis is an ideal technique to quantify and identify protein charge variants by optical and mass spectrometry detection.
  • Learn how to obtain robust quantitative data by combining fast CE separation and rapid MS acquisition speed.
Webinars will be available for unlimited on-demand viewing after live event.

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