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Sampling for Cannabis Testing

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  • Senior Scientist at Neptune and Company, Inc.
      Mr. Kassner is a Senior Scientist with Neptune and Company, Inc. with a wide range of interests in environmental science. He has 27 years of experience in the environmental community, 8 years performing GC/MS volatile and semi-volatile analysis, as well as being a group leader for GC/MS analytical and preparatory groups in environmental and mixed waste laboratories.

      Mr. Kassner spent 19 years involved in proficiency testing for federal, state, municipal and private environmental laboratories for drinking water, waste water and soil methodologies. Mr. Kassner has been involved in the formation of national standards for laboratory accreditation and has been an active leader in the The NELAC Institute. Mr. Kassner earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology at the Metropolitan State University of Denver.


    Compliance testing is the key to getting your cannabis products to market.  But also ensuring your product safety and label accuracy require not only good laboratory analyses, but consistent and representative sampling.  After all, people are relying on this information! The biggest impact on accurate and compliant testing results is how the sampling of your products is done.  Sampling is the most overlooked part of cannabis compliance testing.  To make things even worse each state seems to have their own sampling requirements as far as number of samples, sample amounts and batch size. 

    Through all of this there are basic sampling Do’s and Don’ts to ensure that you are compliant with your regulators and are providing the most accurate data to your customers.  Whether you are a laboratory performing sampling, a cultivator, an infused product manufacturer, or an extraction facility, sampling and sampling practices and techniques are essential to your business. The presentation will discuss the importance of sampling, the ethics of sampling, and the basics of how to sample correctly.

    Learning Objectives:

    •  Role of sampling within the cannabis industry and its importance.
    •  Sampling ethics
    •  Basic Do’s and Don’t’s of sampling

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