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Small Refinements = Large Enhancements to Science and Animal Welfare

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  • Director, Animal Welfare & Compliance, AbbVie, Inc.
      Letty Medina earned her BS in Biology at the University of Notre Dame and her DVM degree from Texas A&M University. She completed her Laboratory Animal Medicine post-doctoral training at the University of Illinois, Chicago. She is a Diplomate of the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine (ACLAM). She is currently the Director of Animal Research & Compliance at AbbVie Inc. Her primary responsibilities are to ensure that AbbVie adheres to all animal regulations, adopts the most ethical animal research practices, and continues to enhance an ethical culture for animal research with innovative 3Rs initiatives. She served as chair of the 3Rs Leadership Group of the Innovation and Quality Consortium in 2014 and served as a co-editor for the 3Rs Special Topic Journal published by JAALAS in March 2015. She is dedicated to promoting more transparency about ethical animal research to ensure public understanding and support for biomedical research. She is a frequent speaker at national meetings about animal welfare, the 3Rs and the need for public outreach.


    Science continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Our understanding of laboratory animal behavior and welfare is also growing. The biomedical research community continues to receive criticisms from activists and concerned citizens that our use of the animals is not justified and our care of the animals is inadequate. These concerns are often not based on facts; however, we must continue to seek ways to optimize the conduct of animal studies by adopting the highest ethical standards and practices. Refinements to the way we care for the laboratory animals as well as the way we conduct our studies can lead to large enhancements to both science and animal welfare. Participating in public outreach to explain why we work with animal models and how we provide ethical care for them can help a misinformed public to understand the work we do. Those attending this webinar will learn about how to develop a culture of welfare that is continuously evolving through the implementation of refinements to housing, environment, enrichment, supportive care, humane endpoints, and training and innovative 3Rs initiatives. They will also be encouraged to take a more active role in public outreach to advance public understanding of biomedical research with animal models.

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