APR 05, 2016 12:00 AM PDT

Solutions Beyond Water

Sponsored by: Eppendorf, Eppendorf

Event Date & Time
DATE: April 5, 2016
TIME:  9am Central European Summer time zone, 3pm Malaysia time zone

Transferring liquids is part of almost every workflow in the life sciences. Some liquids like organic solvents, highly viscous or detergent-containing solutions pose special challenges to the experimenter. Pipetting them correctly requires awareness and special tools. Even everyday pipetting tasks such as PCR set-ups or changing cell culture medium have hidden dangers like stickiness of the reaction mix or foam formation of the medium. In this webinar we will highlight major liquid classes and their specific challenges. We will show typical examples for working with these liquids and present tips and tricks for handling them successfully. This webinar will help you achieve better results when working with problematic liquids.

Our two learning objectives will be:
  1. Liquid classes and properties of problematic liquids
  2. Correct handling of problematic liquids by pipetting techniques and choice of pipetting tool


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