JUN 23, 2016 11:00 AM PDT

Spotlights on T cells: new developments for translational and basic T cell research


Event Date & Time
DATE:  June 23, 2016
TIME:  11:00am Pacific time, 2:00pm Eastern time


T cells as part of the adaptive immune system play a central role in cell-mediated immunity. Their link to a variety of diseases highlights them as an important research field to gain knowledge about their differentiation and action and to work on strategies for therapeutic interventions. These research fields are challenging for researchers studying either the human immune system or animal models around the globe. Sophisticated tools and methods are required to dissect T cell functions.

In this seminar, you will gain insights of how T cells can be studied using techniques for isolation of T cells or their subsets out of cell samples, in vitro differentiation, stimulation, and culture methods, and highly sensitive flow cytometry assays. Learn why MACS® Technology makes a difference, not only for cell separation, but also when looking at cell culturing and cell analysis with optimized and harmonized T cell tools. Become an expert for T helper cell differentiation and phenotypical and functional assays of rare antigen-specific T cells using highly sensitive flow analysis.  

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