APR 05, 2017 09:30 AM PDT

SPR - heading the reagent revolution

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  • Scientist, R&D Systems
      Robyn joined Bio-Techne in 2011. She has been a Biosensor Specialist since 2015, performing assays to support existing products and driving new areas of research forward with a blend of biophysical approaches.


    Successful scientific studies rely on reagent quality and reproducibility. As the market increasingly fills with reagent producers, there has been growing demand to apply additional levels of analysis to existing quality control assays. Biosensors have been used effectively in both academic and pharmaceutical development labs for many years to measure the binding properties of reagents. Recently, Bio-Techne began investigating product performance using SPR technology in a wide variety of assays. A novel surface has been developed which allows capture of any species antibody, thereby increasing efficiency and flexibility in assay design. Assays investigating natural and recombinant proteins and antibodies will be presented, as well as specific, customer-driven cases to support reagent performance.

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