FEB 03, 2016 10:30 AM PST

The Power of Nesting

  • Regional Sales Manager, The Andersons Bedding Products, USA
      Andrea Gay is Regional Sales Manager for the Southern Territory of the U.S. as well as the International Sales Representative for The Andersons Bedding Products. Andrea graduated from MacMurray College in Jacksonville, IL with a bachelor's degree in elementary education and learning disabilities. Andrea has been involved in the Lab Animal Industry for 13 years. Prior to working for The Andersons Bedding Products, Andrea worked at Shepherd Specialty Papers. Andrea joined The Andersons Bedding Products in 2008 as Regional Sales Manager.

      Andrea is a member of National AALAS, LAMA, ATA, District IV and District 7 branches of AALAS, as well as the IAT and ANZLAA international branches. Andrea serves on the Exhibitor Advisory Council for AALAS and also serves as the Awards Chair for the Research Triangle Branch Executive Council in North Carolina, as well as being a member of The National Weights and Measures Southern Branch. Andrea has published an article in The Enrichment Record on Nesting & Thermoregulation.


    Is your facility providing relevant nesting material or are you just checking off a box?  This presentation will discuss the importance of nesting for rodents, their behaviors, and today’s laboratory environment.   Topics to be included include the importance of thermoregulation, the increased use of ventilator caging, what The Guide says regarding thermoregulation, as well as touching on rodent behaviors associated with lab environments.  The presentation will discuss types of nests along with types of nesting materials on the market today.  This talk will end with what studies have shown relating to the importance of providing nesting material.  Participants of this talk will learn important objectives of what to consider when evaluating nesting material and their program.

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