SEP 16, 2015 09:00 AM PDT

Transforming translational medicine for effective drug discovery

  • Vice President, Merck
      Robert is Vice President at MRL in Boston, MA. He is founder and worldwide Head of the department of Genetics & Pharmacogenomics (GpGx). In April 2015, Robert launched a new Translation Medicine department, which includes GpGx. The Translational Medicine department consists of more than 300 scientists responsible for translating basic science into therapeutic trials. Together, we identify novel targets and pathways based on human genetics and discovery medicine studies in humans. As therapeutic compounds advance through the drug discovery process, we develop biomarkers using advancing imaging techniques and molecular assays to robustly measure target modulation in humans. Our team of clinical pharmacologists is responsible for conducting first-in-human studies, clinical proof-of-concept trials, and additional Phase I/IIa studies to support registration in all therapeutic areas outside of oncology.

    Learning Objectives for this presentation - (1) Understand how human genetics can contribute to drug discovery and development. (2) Understand the role of biomarkers and clinical proof-of-concept studies in testing therapeutic hypotheses.

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