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Transportation of Lab Animals - Threats from and Solutions to Animal Extremism interference

  • Global Chief of Security and Safety, Harlan Laboratories
      Since early 2007, Ted has established a proactive and dynamic security program for Harlan Laboratories, a global provider of research animals and animal related services.  One of his responsibilities included establishing security policies and procedures for the companys international ground transportation network to deliver animals and laboratory animal diets.  These security practices included the use of technology, driver screening relating to animal transport, crisis response protocols and delivery practices.  Harlan has been targeted by animal rights extremists in both Europe and the United States.  Ted has made it a priority to engage with other industry partners in establishing best practices in animal transportation.
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      <br />Prior to joining Harlan/HLS, Ted spent over years in the FBI.&nbsp; He served in a variety of field offices and he was promoted into the Senior Executive Service for the FBI.&nbsp; His investigative expertise included international drug investigations, organized crime and terrorism matters.&nbsp;
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      <br />Ted holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration and is married with three sons.
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    The transportation of laboratory animals is a critical step in obtaining the proper strain of animal that best fits the researchers needs. Animal Extremist groups have made this transportation their number one target in recent years. This targeting has been resulted in over 65 airlines either being pressured or making a business decision not to transport any animal used in research. This has had an impact on the development of life saving vaccines, like ones that target Ebola and HIV. Industry needs to understand the threats that these groups pose, and know that there are several solutions to protect the animals and to ensure an adequate supply. This presentation will:

    1. Review the current threats to the animal transportation industry and provide a general assessment of what the next two to three years may look like if adequate security measures are not implemented or we ignore the seriousness of the problem.


    2. Concrete and effective ways to ensure that we are maintaining the highest standards in the transportation of research animals and to provide tangible solutions to the threats posed by ARE groups.


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