JUN 03, 2021 12:00 PM CST

Utilizing the Gibco CTS Rotea System for cell and gene therapy development

Sponsored by: Thermo Fisher Scientific


DATE:  June 3, 2021

TIME:  09:30am IST/12:00pm SGT/01:00pm JST, KST/03:00pm AEST/ 05:00pm NZST



This webinar is a virtual event that focuses on utilizing the Gibco CTS Rotea System for Cell and Gene Therapy development. The virtual event will feature a series of presentations, followed by Q&A session, from our team of regional technical expert in 4 different languages (English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese).


Jacqueline Ng - Senior Business Development Manager , APJ (Cell &   Gene Therapy), Thermo Fisher Scientific

 Nobuo Ogita - Business Development Manager , APJ (Cell & Gene Therapy), Thermo Fisher Scientific

 Kim Dohyung - Technical Sales Specialist , Korea (Cell Biology) Thermo Fisher Scientific


Jasmin Tseng - Technical Sales Specialist , Taiwan (Cell Biology), Thermo Fisher Scientific


In this webinar, we will discuss the value of moving towards modular and automated, closed-system technologies designed to enable scalable and cost-effective manufacturing. We will highlight the Gibco CTS Rotea Counterflow Centrifugation System, a revolutionary benchtop, closed system which offers exceptional flexibility for cell washing, concentration, and separation by size, with high cell recovery and throughput rate. We will discuss a broad range of cell processing applications (cell isolation, cell separation by size, small to medium-scale processing, cryopreserved cell wash and media exchange, formulation for cryopreservation, RBC lysis or depletion, viral vector clarification) across a variety of cell types (T cells, NK cells, MSCs, HEK293, iPSC spheroids, PBMC and more). The compact footprint, process flexibility, and sterile single-use kit allow the system to seamlessly scale with your process, from research through clinical manufacturing.


Also learn more about how ViaCyte, a clinical stage regenerative medicine company, is focused on delivering novel stem cell-derived pancreatic cell replacement therapies as a functional cure for diabetes. Producing the stem cells required to support development of these therapies and future commercial demand requires an aggressive scale-up effort. As part of this effort, stem cell aggregation, expansion and differentiation processes are being adapted to suspension bioreactor culture. The Gibco CTS Rotea Counterflow Centrifugation System is currently being optimized to integrate with these bioreactors to form a closed, scalable environment for aggregate collection and media exchange. Join us as ViaCyte details how they used the Rotea system to preserve aggregate integrity, morphology, viability, and recovery after processing, and have successfully processed repeated batch feeds on a 3L bioreactor system.


Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the current challenges in cell therapy manufacturing and how closed manufacturing systems, such as the Gibco CTS Rotea System, are designed to overcome these challenges and enable GMP-compliant manufacturing processes.
  • Understand how the Gibco CTS Rotea System utilizes the proven counterflow centrifugation method to enable exceptional performance for cell therapy development from research through commercial manufacturing and a wide variety of applications such as cell separation by size, cryopreserved cell wash and media exchange, formulation for cryopreservation, RBC lysis or depletion, and viral vector clarification
  • Explore how ViaCyte, a clinical stage regenerative medicine company is optimizing the Rotea system to process stem cell aggregates in bioreactors as part of a cell therapy scale-up effort.


  •  細胞治療の製造における現在の課題と、これらの課題を克服してGMP準拠の製造プロセスを可能にするために、Gibco CTS Rotea Systemなどの閉鎖型製造システムがどのように設計されているかについてご説明します。
  • Gibco CTS Rotea Systemは、実績のあるカウンターフロー遠心分離法を用いて、研究から商業生産までの細胞治療開発を可能にし、サイズによる細胞分離、凍結保存細胞の洗浄と培地交換、凍結保存のための製剤化、赤血球の溶解または除去、ウイルスベクターを含む上清の回収などの幅広いアプリケーションを実現します。
  • ViaCyte社が、細胞治療のスケールアップの一環として、どのようにRoteaシステムを最適化して、バイオリアクターで幹細胞の凝集体を処理しているのかについてご紹介します


  • 현재 세포치료제 생산이 당면한 과제에 대해 논의하고 Gibco CTS Rotea System 같은 Closed manufacturing system 어떻게  GMP-compliant 제조 process 지원하고 이러한 문제를 극복하기 위해 만들어졌는지에 대해 이해하기
  • 어떻게 Gibco CTS Rotea System 입증된 Counterflow centrifugation방식을 이용하여 Research부터 Commercial manufacturing까지 cell therapy development 다양한 application(cell separation by size, cryopreserved cell wash and media exchange, formulation for cryopreservation, RBC lysis or depletion, and viral vector clarification) 가능하게 하는지에 대해 이해하기 
  • Viacyte가 세포 치료제 scale-up 노력의 일환으로 어떻게 Rotea system Bioreactor stem cell aggregates process 최적화시켰는지 살펴보기


  • 討論細胞治療製程的現今挑戰,以及如何利用封閉式製造系統,如 Gibco CTS Rotea System逆流離心系統來克服這些挑戰,並在製造過程中保證GMP合規性。
  • 了解 Gibco CTS Rotea System 如何利用逆流離心技術,從細胞治療的科學研究更順暢轉移到商業化生產,進行如細胞淘析和分離、細胞洗滌、培養液置換、細胞凍存配置、RBC裂解和去除、病毒載體分離等,以滿足各項專門應用。
  • 探討ViaCyte如何優化Rotea系統,在生物反應器有效處理幹細胞團塊,以增添細胞治療製程擴增性的量能。





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Webinars will be available for unlimited on-demand viewing after live event.



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