MAY 30, 2013 11:00 AM PDT

ValuMetrix Services Overview, How Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Helps Customers Achieve Operational Effectiveness

  • Director, ValuMetrix Services, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
      With 30 years experience in the healthcare field, Steve has a proven track record of developing new business designs, leading high performance teams and exceeding client expectations. For the past 22 years at Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Inc., he has held numerous management positions, helping to build organizational capability in support of the top North American Integrated Healthcare Systems. ValuMetrix® Services was established in 1999 to support those strategic partners.
      Today, ValuMetrix Services uses a proprietary Process Excellence model to improve quality, lower costs and transfer the knowledge of Lean, Six Sigma and Design Excellence throughout all hospital operations. ValuMetrix® Services clients achieve breakthrough results in operational efficiency while training staff in the tools of continuous improvement. In addition to tools and skills training, the ValuMetrix® model also builds organizational structure for change management, accountability and real time performance measurement.
      Steve's philosophy is that we have an obligation to provide the highest quality affordable healthcare possible. By combining governance systems, change management, high performance team development and the proven tools of Lean and Six Sigma, ValuMetrix® Services offers a unique opportunity to elevate our healthcare clients and the industry to a new standard of quality and effectiveness. Steve understands that those healthcare organizations that build and sustain a culture of continuous improvement with a goal of zero defects will emerge as the industry leaders of the future.


    ValuMetrix Services was established in 2000 to support OCD customers in their pursuit of excellence in laboratory operations. ValuMetrix® works with customers, using the quality programs of Lean and six-sigma to deliver operational effectiveness. Typical performance metrics include turn-around-time, effective use of floor space, staffing models and labor optimization. Quality measures such as defect rates may also be impacted. ValuMetrix has a full time staff of Lean and six sigma consultants who come on site before and after instrument installations to support layout, design and workflow. This presentation will review the ValuMetrix® organization and the program options available to OCD prospects and customers.  

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