SEP 07, 2016 09:00 AM PDT

Keynote Speaker: You Want Me to Culture What? : Challenging Requests for Culture in the Clinical Microbiology Lab

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  • Director, Clinical Microbiology/ Immunoserology Laboratory, Nationwide Children's Hospital
      Dr. Amy Leber, PhD Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Microbiology Immunoserology/Virology/Molecular Diagnostics Dr. Leber received a Service From the Heart Award for helping a colleague through a health crisis during a conference in Louisiana last spring. Her colleague had a heart attack, and Dr. Leber not only stayed with her for several extra days while in the hospital, but also kept the colleague's family and friends back home informed of the situation. Dr. Leber continued to follow up with her colleague during the recovery process


    In an era of healthcare reform and evidenced-based medicine, it is important to use the most clinically relevant and cost effective methods in all aspects of microbiology. This session will cover issues related to culture of challenging clinical and non-clinical specimens including objects, fluids and environmental samples. While there is some consensus about the more routine aspects of clinical testing, much less information is available about the topics covered in this symposium. The culturing of unusual objects are areas where laboratorians are often faced with the dilemma if, or to what extent, cultures should be worked up. The goal is to provide information to support medically relevant, regulatory-compliant, and fiscally prudent processes.

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