Dr. Rafal Grzeskowiak
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I am a Field Application Specialist responsible for the consumables product portfolio at Eppendorf AG Headquarter in Hamburg (Germany). I joined the company in 2003 and worked at various positions in sales, customer support and marketing with product responsibility for automation, centrifugation and consumables. I obtained my M.Sc. in molecular biology at the University of Warsaw (Poland) working on metabolic gene expression through RNA aptamers in Aspergillus and as a research assistant at King's College London was involved in projects on cloning and phylogenetic analysis of rRNA genes in pathogenic fungi. I received my Ph.D. at the Georg August Universität Göttingen, where I investigated regulation of gene expression and cellular signaling pathways involved in Diabetes Type II. Later I took a position of a postdoctoral research fellow at the Max-Planck Institute for Molecular genetics (Berlin, Germany) and led projects on functional genomics of human dilated cardiomyopathy. My hobbies include diving, MTB, astronomy and photography.

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