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An All-Inclusive Genetic Testing Made Easy for the Prospective Parents

WRITTEN BY: Nupur Srivastava

An increasing number of parents are opting their babies in for at-home genetic testing. The tests help the parents to know their odds of having a baby with a genetic disorder or to gain insight into their health and family history, and for more educated family planning.

Keeping in mind the ease of access to genetic data information, Fulgent Genetics, a genetic testing company based in Temple, California, offers comprehensive testing to provide physicians with clinically actionable diagnostic information they can use to improve the quality of patient care.

The tests are completed at home without the need for a doctor visit or insurance.

The company in partnership with telehealth firm PWNHealth will provide physician review and genetic counseling for these tests. PWN Health is a virtual care company that connect millions of people to thousands of sophisticated and clinically-sound diagnostic tests. 

With the permission and genetic test approval from the New York State Department of Health's Clinical Laboratory Evaluation Program (CLEP), Fulgent Genetics launched a consumer-targeted new genetic testing line, the Picture Genetics. 

Why Picture Genetics?

With numerous options to consider an at-home genetic test, what is so different about the Picture Genetics?

Picture Genetics is unique because:

  • the genetic tests are more comprehensive
  • each test includes a complete next-generation sequencing analysis of DNA, in contrast to other providers that perform genotyping at a small snapshot of genes
  • have medically actionable, clinical-level results with professional medical follow-up in one easy process
  • tests combine genetic counseling sessions to consumers whose genetic testing results may indicate the need for these services.

Picture Genetics, a trio of at-home genetic tests options for consumers are Picture Parenting, Picture Newborn, and Picture Wellness. 

Picture Parenting

  • a carrier screening test gives prospective parents better insight into their status as carriers of variants in 30 different genes which could affect their children.
  • price for this at-home kit is $295, and
  • the only test in the new line that is immediately available.

Picture Newborn and Picture Wellness will be available in the coming months and will offer insight into health risks based on genetic markers.

"We are very excited about the launch of Picture Genetics, our consumer-initiated test offering which enables us to deliver our advanced genetic testing capabilities to a much broader audience in an accessible manner," said Ming Hsieh, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fulgent Genetics.

"We believe our line of tests offers one of the most comprehensive at-home screening options available in the market, given the inclusion of genetic counseling as well as involvement from independent physicians. With our Picture Parenting screening test, we will enable couples everywhere to make more informed choices in family planning with support from experienced genetic counselors. We also look forward to the launch of our Newborn and Wellness tests in the coming months, which will enable customers to understand and take control of potential future health risks.”

Sources: MarketWatch, 360Dx, GlobeNewsWire, PictureGenetics

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