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How Medieval Medicine Can Conquer Modern Day Infections?

WRITTEN BY: Nouran Amin

One of our current global threats is antibiotic resistance.  


As more biofilm-associated infections are becoming hard to treat, the burden on scientists to find solutions is increasing. Now, researchers are seeking natural antibiotics used in medieval medicine to conquer infections. 

"We have shown that a medieval remedy made from onion, garlic, wine, and bile can kill a range of problematic bacteria grown both planktonically and as biofilms. Because the mixture did not cause much damage to human cells in the lab, or to mice, we could potentially develop a safe and effective antibacterial treatment from the remedy,” adds Dr. Freya Harrison, from the School of Life Sciences at the University of Warwick. 

"Most antibiotics that we use today are derived from natural compounds, but our work highlights the need to explore not only single compounds but mixtures of natural products for treating biofilm infections. We think that future discovery of antibiotics from natural products could be enhanced by studying combinations of ingredients, rather than single plants or compounds. In this first instance, we think this combination could suggest new treatments for infected wounds, such as diabetic foot and leg ulcers. " 

Learn more about medieval medicine: 


Source: Science Daily  

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