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Can Marijuana Help Chronic Migraines?


Migraines are not just headaches, but debilitating disorders usually characterized by a unilateral hemicranial pulsating headache, often accompanied by blind spots, loss of feeling in extremities, sound and light sensitivity, nausea and vomiting. These headaches are usually located on just one side of the head.

Tens of millions of Americans are affected by migraines, with over 3 million reported cases per year. Due to the prevalence and disruptive nature of migraines, scientists and doctors have studied them in great depth. Research shows that migraines are caused by both environmental and hormonal triggers. Something the medical field calls an aura often warns people that they are about to get a migraine. An aura is a change in a person's perception. This change in perception includes sensory disturbances like feelings of confusion, seeing strange lights, zig-zags in the visual field, problems communicating, or stiffness in the body.

There is not necessarily a cure for migraines, and because they are multifaceted, one medication may not work for all patients.

The cannabis plant has been used to treat many health conditions for centuries. Migraines have become no exception. A study from the University of Colorado, published in 2016, found that the frequency of migraines in patients that used cannabis regularly dropped from 10.4 to 4.6 per month. This study also found that smoking the marijuana was more effective in treating acute migraines than edibles, CBD oils, etc.

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Medical News Today says that identifying and avoiding migrane triggers can drastically reduce the frequency of migranes. The first suggestion they give is to focus on stress management, an area that cannabis has proven to assit in. As medical marijauna becomes more widespread, cannabis is also becoming increasingly popular amongst those who suffer from anxiety.

Although CBD has proven to assist with anxiety, in relieving pain and reducing inflammation in the body. To date, there is little research to conclude that CBD oil is useful as a treatment for migraines, but because CBD helps reduce chronic pain and anxiety, it may be an option worth trying for those who suffer from chronic migraines.

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