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DNA and Crime Detection

WRITTEN BY: Akshay Masand

Crimes of various magnitude happen in towns and cities across the UK every day.

Without realizing it, criminals leave clues and traces behind, no matter how careful they try to be in executing the crime. From a tiny droplet of spit or sweat, to flakes of skin or a fingerprint, there will be a trace of their identity left at the scene.

Finding these small forensic clues is the job of a team of dedicated and skilled scientists. They use DNA profiling as a means of identifying the criminal.

We discovered the blueprint to life on earth in the mid-20th Century and are still unravelling it mysteries today. As advances in technology and our understanding are made, the more sophisticated tools crime-fighters have at their disposal.

DNA evidence is now admissible in courts which means for many criminals, their crime come to light. Many cases have hung on and been won on DNA evidence.

Although there are some cases where confusion and contamination has led to wrongful convictions, there are many famous cases in which people have been caught and charged with their crimes, committed years or decades before.

It is a fascinating journey - find out how the discovery of DNA in the 1950s has led to cloned sheep and killers caught, years after their crimes.

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