SEP 17, 2016 6:18 PM PDT

GoPro Video Captures a Diver's Great White Shark Attack

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Diver and college student Tyler McQuillen was in the middle of enjoying a dive off of the coast of Santa Barbara this month when he was suddenly met with an adrenaline-inducing situation. A great white shark had decided to charge him.

The moments of the attack are captured on his underwater GoPro camera. The footage is pretty clear, although much of the action takes place off camera.

After the shark charged McQuillen once, the diver lost a flipper and suffered lacerations to some of his toes, which he told local news agencies were broken from the bite.

When the shark came around for a second time, McQuillen reportedly "gave him a nice little jab" with his spear gun, which may have saved his life and bought him the time he needed to get back to shore safely.

Shark attacks are not very common, although when they do happen, things can get pretty ugly pretty quickly. Tyler is lucky to not have suffered worse injuries than he did.

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