APR 23, 2017 08:34 AM PDT

Why You Always Feel Tired Despite How Much You Sleep

More than likely, you've experienced the problem where you're always tired. Even when you get that full 8-10 hours of sleep, or when you even exceed the suggested number of hours for sleeping, you might feel like you need to take a nap.

Studies have suggested that the amount of time you sleep isn't the only factor in determining whether your body is getting enough rest. Also important is keeping up with an active lifestyle and choosing wisely on what kinds of foods you eat.

Physical activity, even light stuff like going for walks or doing mild workouts, reportedly help adults to sleep better even when they don't sleep as long as those who stay in bed longer than the recommended amount of time.

Of course, your diet says a lot about how you sleep too. Not eating properly, or consuming coffee or alcohol more than you should, can also have a negative impact on how your body gets into the natural rhythm of sleeping.

Other factors include over-thinking and anxiety, which can also lead to lack of sleep. After all, not being able to turn your brain off means you're spending more time thinking than resting.

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