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Here Why Some People Sleep Better Than Others

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

Sleep is incredibly important for rejuvenating our bodies from day-to-day, but sometimes it continues to elude the best of us. The fact remains that some people tend to sleep better than others, but there's not a solid explanation as to why.

If we did know why, we would have significantly better medical treatments to improve sleep deprivation in some people. Of course, while we might not be able to pinpoint exactly why some people sleep better than others, we still have various theories.

Perhaps genetics have something to do with it, as some research has revealed that one gene in particular has a huge impact on your ability to sleep well at night. According to researchers, the way this gene was expressed played a big role, and when it was muted in lab mice, those mice slept worse than those with non-mutated genes.

Similar research was conducted on humans and fruit flies, and it was found that mutations in this very same gene had a correspondence with sleep deficiency.

On the other hand, other gene mutations can actually be beneficial. In some cases, people with some genetic mutations don't need as much sleep as other people do and this makes them more capable of functioning for long periods of time without sleeping.

Whether you have a genetic mutation effecting your sleep or not, it's best to try your best for the recommended 8-10 hours of sleep every night. Sleep remains a major mystery, but without a doubt, we all need it.

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