MAR 07, 2018 1:51 PM PST

Heartfelt Advocacy and Reasoning for Medical Marijuana

WRITTEN BY: Mauri Brueggeman

Let's face it...cannabis is a controversial topic. Here in the US and elsewhere, it is the classic journey of three steps forward, one step back in generating action and movement towards real change. This topic, and that of medical marijuana in particular, makes me think of the adage about the iceberg where what we know is what we see (or is told to us); however, there is so much more to know and understand below the surface if more people could just take a quick look with a snorkel (aka. read recent published research).

Cannabis Science is currently an understudied topic and Hugh Hempel is a wonderfully good speaker and advocate for encouraging a more open mindset for people. He asks us to consider some excellent questions and includes the barriers currently in place keeping the communities of academics, science, and medicine from exploring "what is below the surface" and what healthcare revelations are possible with cannabis.

This is a TEDX talk you do not want to miss.
About the Author
Master's (MA/MS/Other)
Mauri S. Brueggeman is a Medical Laboratory Scientist and Educator with a background in Cytogenetics and a Masters in Education from the University of Minnesota. She has worked in the clinical laboratory, taught at the University of Minnesota, and been in post secondary healthcare education administration. She is passionate about advances and leadership in science, medicine, and education.
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