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Can You Drink Too Much Water?

Especially during a long hot summer, staying hydrated is essential. Dehydration can have severe consequences in children, the elderly and those with immune system problems or other health conditions. The Mayo Clinic recommends that men drink 13 cups of water per day (104 fl.oz.) and women drink 9 cups (72 fl. Oz) A good way to tell if you need water is to drink some. If it flows easily down your throat, you need it, but if you experience trouble swallowing, you might already have had enough. Is there such a thing as too much water?

A study from Australia's Monash University challenged the 8 glasses per day goal that is frequently recommended. Whether or not you need the hydration depends on your activity level, weight and the weather in your immediate environment. And the body knows when you’ve had enough. In the study at Monash, the researchers found that when participants did not need to drink any more water, the swallowing reflex was inhibited as the body’s way of slowing intake. Water intoxication is very rare but can be dangerous. Electrolytes become unbalanced if there’s too much water in the body and this can disturb brain performance.

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