AUG 20, 2018 8:18 PM PDT

When Will Humankind Make the Switch to Fusion Power?

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

As we look toward the future for cleaner and more efficient means of producing power, fusion seems to be one of the most promising candidates. Fusion is the process that fuels the Sun, and it’s mainly the process of forcing two lighter atoms together into a denser one.

The process of fusion generates immense amounts of energy and heat, each of which can be captured and harnessed to power humanity’s large power grid. More importantly, fusion is cleaner than the burning of fossil fuels and results in more physical raw power. 

While scientists have undoubtedly achieved scale models of nuclear fusion right here on Earth, the challenging part lies with making it efficient enough for widescale use; this means producing more energy than it takes to maintain the process altogether.

As of now, the goal is to develop a means of fusion that produces ten times more energy than we put in, and this is something no scientist has yet achieved. But assuming this changes in the future, humankind may one day rely on fusion-based power instead of environment-damaging fossil fuels.

Now that sounds like a bright future (pun intended).

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