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Use psychology to get what you want

Want to learn how to get what you want? Try out these cool psychology tricks to learn how to better interact with people. The following are a few examples, but make sure to watch the video to learn even more! 

1. Never start a sentence with, "Could you...?" because some people could take this your question to be hypothetical and it automatically puts the listener in the mindset that you are asking them a favor that they might not want to do. Yes, we know it's polite, but to get better results, try saying, "Please, order us a pizza," instead of "Could you order us a pizza?"

2. If someone you're talking to is avoiding answering your question directly, try pausing in the middle of the conversation whilst still maintaining eye contact. This will likely make the other person feel a bit uncomfortable, causing them to talk more and eventually get around to answering that question you asked ten minutes ago!

3. If you're in a new environment and you want to make new friends, ask someone to explain something to you/ Whether you already know the answer or not, this will make you seem willing to be vulnerable and give them the opportunity to feel confident, thus improving their attitude towards you. 

4. When you ask a question that you want the answer to be yes to, try nodding subtly while you ask. This trick has been used by waiters around the world to get people to order that after-dinner coffee and dessert even when they're still full - and it works!

Remember to watch the video to learn more psychological tricks like these ones!

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