FEB 24, 2019 10:54 AM PST

DO try this at home!

Home with the kids during school vacation? Try out these cool and easy science experiments to keep their minds active - and yours, too!

1. The slow-motion ball: all you need is some honey, a steel ball, and a spherical container to put the steel ball into. Simply place the ball in the ball container and pour honey over it. Now close the ball container and roll the whole contraption down an inclined plank and see how the honey makes the ball roll superrrr-slowwww. Try it out with different amounts of honey and time your results to compare!

2. No-leak magic bag: All you need are a few sharpened pencils, a zipper bag, and enough water to fill the bag. Fill the bag with water and close the zipper. Then slowly poke the sharpened pencils through one side of the bag and out the other. See how many pencils you can get to stay in the bag without it collapsing! 

These are just two of the awesome experiments that you can try at home that are detailed in the video above. Make sure to watch it all the way through and then get to experimenting! 

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