APR 22, 2019 4:40 PM PDT

Today's the day to start composting!

Composting can be intimidating, especially if you live in a city without a backyard or a tiny apartment with not even enough space for all your shoes, let alone your food scraps! But given that today is Earth Day, maybe you can take one moment to reconsider - because there really is a way to make composting easy and reducing food waste (that ends up in landfills and produces methane that warms the planet!) can have such a positive impact on the planet and your lifestyle!

If your city or town doesn't offer a composting service (you should totally bug them until they do!), then making your own composting system is simple. All you need are three ingredients: water, browns, and greens. "Browns," in this case, refer to tree matter like branches, dead leaves, twigs, sawdust, etc. (think DRY), while "greens" refer to wetter things like grass clippings, veggie and fruit peels, coffee grounds, etc. Then you need to find a container to house your compost. While the video above does focus on building your own compost system in an outdoor setting (i.e. if you have a backyard), don't get discouraged if your living situation doesn't look like that (you can watch this video, too, for tips to composting in an apartment). Want to learn what to do after you've got the perfect compost container? Watch the video!

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