AUG 06, 2015 11:07 PM PDT

Here's How to Cook With Physics

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Bouchard

We're pretty good at cooking a mean steak on the grill, but here's a way to cook some steak that comes down to pure science.

By using an open circuit of electricity where the steak works to close the circuit, the portion of the meat that actually closes the circuit will get cooked by the high amount of energy coming from the excited electrons in between the two metal forks.

Meat also gets cooked using special reflector dishes that concentrate all of the light energy to one point, which would be the steak wedge, and you'll see the meat cooks from the heat just as expected.

And finally, you'll also see these guys attempt to cook using a special mixture of highly flammable alcohol fumes and oxygen, which ends up getting blasted into a concentrated fire right under the food.

These probably aren't the best ways to cook, but they are cool to watch!

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