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Are You Eating Enough Protein, or Too Much?


If you're one of the 7 million Americans who follow a vegetarian diet, you may be wondering how to maximize your protein servings from plants. But even if you're not a strict herbivore, it may still be important to know how to get sufficient protein from our diet.

The daily recommended protein serving is between 55-60 grams per day for a person of about 150 pounds. This amount can easily be met in one meal with an 8-ounce steak you're not a vegetarian. However, vegetarians should incorporate whole grains, grains, and legumes into multiple meals to meet their protein requirement. Tofu, nuts, and nut butters may also provide a good source of protein.

While proteins can be obtained from non-meat products, there are certain vital vitamins and chemicals, such as B12, that can only be derived from animal sources. Watch the video to learn how to get around this, as well as why protein bars and cheese may not be the greatest source for your protein needs.
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