FEB 24, 2016 01:00 PM PST

Actionable Insights Delivered Through the Complete GeneReader NGS System

  • Senior Director and Global Development Lead, NGS, QIAGEN
      John obtained his Ph.D. in Physiology and Neurobiology from the University of Connecticut in 1999. His postdoctoral research was at Yale School of Medicine under Dr. Paul Lizardi. John has been active in the NGS field since its inception, directly involved in establishing both 454 and Ion Torrent sequencing systems, as well as supporting enrichment technologies such as RainDance and AmpliSeq.
      John is currently a Senior Director and Global Development Lead for NGS Technologies at Qiagen Corporation. He has published 25 papers, sits on several scientific advisory boards and is an inventor on numerous issued patents and patent applications


    While next-generation sequencing has proven to be a very useful tool in basic research, two major hurdles remain for its broad adoption in the clinical research setting: lack of seamless workflow for routine clinical research use and truly relevant content to guide clinical research activities.
    This webinar will discuss QIAGEN's approach to address these two issues. Our speaker, Dr. John Leamon, will share his experience developing and launching the industry’s first complete NGS workflow: The GeneReader System. The GeneReader offers a fully integrated solution, addressing all steps of the workflow from DNA extraction to bioinformatics analysis and interpretation. It is engineered specifically for any laboratory as a powerful tool for clinical cancer research, including those with limited resources or lacking highly specialized expertise. To this end, the QIAGEN proprietary Knowledge Base was used to design a tumor panel to identify aberrations of value for clinical research. The GeneReader NGS System was then used to deliver clinical research insights in a laboratory setting. Testing was conducted with a set of colorectal cancer samples, and results confirmed with alternative testing platforms.
    The QIAGEN GeneReader NGS System is a fully integrated sequencing workflow, engineered specifically for clinical research purposes. This turnkey solution is purpose-built, focusing on the assays that matter most. 

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