MAR 29, 2018 09:00 AM PDT

ASTM International Committee D37 on Cannabis: The Road to Consensus Standards

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  • Director Technical Committee Operations, ASTM International
      Bob is a graduate of Shippensburg University with a BS in Geoenvironmental Science. Bob has spent his 35 year career working for ASTM International. ASTM International was created in 1898 as a solutions provider and a developer of consensus standards for multiple industries affecting aviation fuel, construction materials, medical devices and consumer products, to name a few.. ASTM's mission is directed at the quality of products and services and the health and safety of the consumer and the environment for 90 different industry sectors. During his career, he has worked with dozens of industries, facilitating stakeholder engagement with the development of voluntary consensus standards. His most recent assignment has been working with the Cannabis industry. ASTM Committee D37 on Cannabis was created in 2017 and currently has 280 members representing production facilities, laboratories, State and Provincial Regulators, and consumers.


    ASTM has been around for 120 years providing solutions using the expertise of industry stakeholders.  148 Technical committees are comprised of 30,000 industry stakeholders, representing industry, government and academia, from 175 countries around the world.   ASTM provides open access and transparency in the development of consensus standards that ensure the quality of products and services, while providing protection for the consumer and the environment.  In April 2017, the ASTM International Board of Directors approved Committee D37 on Cannabis, in response to a marketplace request.  Currently, Committee D37 has 350 members from 8 countries working in 8 technical subcommittees, to develop standards that will hopefully raise the bar for the cannabis industry.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Understand ASTM standards and the role they play in the marketplace
    • Become familiar with ASTM Committee D37, the ASTM process, and how you can get involved

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