FEB 21, 2024 12:00 PM PST

Challenging the 'Art' of SPR with Live Q&A

Sponsored by: Sartorius


Surface plasmon resonance is a real-time and label-free technique that offers low sample consumption and high throughput when compared to other biophysical techniques and has been widely adopted in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries as the gold standard for determining accurate kinetics and affinity values.

The field of real-time, label-free SPR protein-binding analysis has historically been marked with steep learning curves and can often seem daunting to new or inexperienced users, being viewed as an ‘art’ instead of a ‘science’ due in part to the lack of exposure to the technique. The next generation SPR approach challenges this notion through user-friendly technology.

One the of the main roadblocks to determining accurate kinetics and affinity values is optimization of the analyte concentration series for use in an assay, which often stems from users lacking basic knowledge required to design, execute, and analyze their assays

The Octet® SF3 SPR system contains a unique injection method called OneStep® that simplifies the process of choosing the correct analyte concentration. It allows users to generate accurate kinetics and affinity values from a single analyte concentration, saving a substantial amount of time on assay development and assay performance compared to standard SPR methods.

Learning Objectives: 

1. Learn how to speed up fragment-based drug discovery by weeks.

2. Learn how to hit the sweet spot for binding kinetic experiments.

3. Discover new possibilities to conduct competition assays label-free and in real-time.

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