Clinical Controversies in Vitamin D Testing and Treatment

Sponsored by: DiaSorin


Clinical Controversies Recently, both national and international authorities have promulgated conflicting statements on vitamin D testing and treatment. What are clinicians and patients to do?

This webinar will address the existing data so that participants can answer these five key clinical questions:

  • Who might be at risk for low vitamin D? 
  • Can we assess for vitamin D deficiency by physical exam? 
  • Is a multivitamin or prenatal vitamin sufficient?
  • What are the best means to assure sufficient vitamin D levels?
  • What research questions still need to be answered?
  • Sufficient time will be available for a live question and answer period for all real-time participants.

Learning Objectives:

1) Understand the role of vitamin D as a hormone
2) Identify which patients are at greatest risk for low vitamin D
3) Recognize the clinical indications for vitamin D testing and treatment

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