MAY 17, 2018 12:00 PM PDT

Cryo Electron Microscopy: Revolutionizing the world of structural biology and healthcare

  • Product Marketing Manager Life Sciences Business Unit, Materials and Structural Analysis, Analytical Instruments Group, Thermo Fisher Scientific
      Marc Storms has studied biology / plant pathology at Wageningen University and UC Davis. He obtained his PhD in Virology studying the intercellular trafficking of Bunyaviruses. After his PhD he joined Philips / FEI Electron Optics / Thermo Fisher Scientific, first as applications specialist TEM and later as Product Manager where he has been involved in the (hardware and software) development and release of various Transmission Electron Microscopes (e.g. Morgagni and Tecnai Spirit) as well as instruments for sample preparation (Vitrobot Mk I-IV generations).
      Currently, Marc is responsible for the product marketing of Structural Biology related products and workflow solutions for single particle analysis (SPA). As such, he has been involved in new key initiatives for structural biology Cryo-EM solutions such as the Titan Krios, the Talos Arctica, Talos L120C, applications software developments for SPA (i.e. EPU SW) as well as methods to enhance contrast and detector performance such as the Volta phase plate and several generations of the Falcon direct electron detectors.


    Studying the molecular machinery of cells from atomic detail to the cellular context and beyond is a great challenge for cell biology. It is hugely important to zoom into the atom-by-atom arrangement of a biomolecule that gives researchers a grasp of how proteins work. Structural biologists have made great progress in unraveling the structures of individual proteins and protein complexes. Much of the recent results have been obtained using Cryo Electron Microscopy (CryoEM) Single Particle Analysis (SPA), which has turned the generation of 3D reconstructions of protein (complexes) into an accessible and well recognized application. As CryoEM SPA works best on samples of isolated and purified proteins, the expression, isolation and purification is of extreme importance. A purified protein fraction is a key prerequisite for successful data acquisition and 3D reconstruction of a structure in its natural state. Ultimately, the goal is to understand the structure - functional relationship of molecular machineries of all living systems within their natural, functional contexts.

    During this talk the concept of CryoEM SPA will be introduced, the most recent developments around the unique CryoEM SPA workflow as well as the applicatory medical breakthrough’s that have been obtained with CryoEM resulting in the 2017 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Special attention will be paid to dependencies on sample preparation and associated biochemical and vitrification requirements.

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