Gibco ExpressionWorld 2018

Experience the latest advances in protein expression

in one virtual event!


Our Gibco ExpressionWorld 2018 virtual event is now available On-Demand until May of 2019!  Experience the world’s largest online conference unveiling cutting-edge technology for protein expression. This interactive forum connects experts from pharma, biotech and academia to share case studies and best practices in the exciting areas of biologics and vaccine development from discovery to production.

  • Access valuable presentations from leading protein expression scientists
  • Network with world-class experts from pharma, biotech and academia
  • Experience interactive training with our virtual labs and technical resources

Attendees will receive first-hand knowledge of the newest technologies for high-titer recombinant protein production in mammalian and insect cells as well as protein expression system design, workflows, purification, and characterization methods.


If you have additional questions, please contact Rik Basi at


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  • Stephanie Culbertson
    Technical Training Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific
      Stephanie is a Technical Training Specialist with the Global Services & Support team at Thermo Fisher Scientific. She has more than 12 years of laboratory research and commercial manufacturing experience in Molecular and Cell Biology applications, including protein production, and 10 years experience helping other scientists through Technical Support Scientist and Training roles. She works at our Carlsbad, CA office and loves to spend time outdoors in the beautiful Southern California weather. Stephanie obtained a BSc in Microbiology from the University of Arizona in 1998.
    • Barbara Kaboord, PhD
      Senior R&D Manager, Protein Biology, Thermo Fisher Scientific
        Barbara Kaboord received a Ph.D. in Biochemistry at the Medical College of Wisconsin, where she developed a method to affinity isolate DNA replication complexes from actively-replicating cells and followed up with a postdoctoral fellowship at the Pennsylvania State University in Stephen Benkovic's laboratory. Currently, Barbara is the Sr. R&D Manager of the Protein Preparation group at Thermo Fisher Scientific where her team is responsible for the development of numerous protein extraction, stabilization, purification, and clean-up products.
      • Yuedan Kong
        Research and development engineer, Shanghai Bai Ze Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
          Ms. Kong is a research and development engineer at Shanghai Bai Ze Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., where she is responsible for the development of cell lines in the company, including the construction of the transient platform and the stable cell plant construction, as well as the process optimization, cell plant domestication and other work. In 2017, the Expicho instantaneous platform expressed close to 3g/l where she completed nearly 10 projects in a short time; as well as the development of stable cell strains which made the expression more than 2g/l. She also participated in the development of antibody application, including coupling, testing and so on. 个人简介 - 宗女士为上海白泽医疗器械有限公司的研发工程师,在公司负责细胞株的研发工作,包括建立瞬转平台和构建稳定细胞系,以及工艺优化、细胞系驯化等工作。2017 年,Expicho 瞬转平台表达量高达近 3g/l,她也借此在短时间成功完成近 10 个项目,还研发出表达量超过 2g/l 的稳定细胞株。另外,她还参与了抗体应用的研发工作,包括偶联、测试等项目。
        • Michael Liss, PhD
          Sr. Manager R&D, Thermo Fisher Scientific
            Michael Liss, Sr. Manager R&D, received his PhD in 2000 from University of Regensburg & Boulder gaining expertise in virology, molecular biology and directed evolution. 2000-2002: Post Doc in Biosensoring with aptamers. 2002-2012: Scientist in R&D at GeneArt GmbH. 2012-2014: Sr. Manager R&D at Life Technologies, since 2014: Sr. Manager R&D at Thermo Fisher Scientific. During his work in synthetic biology and gene synthesis Michael has setup & managed the directed evolution unit for more than five years. He further advanced the progress of economic and reliable gene synthesis and installed the gene-to-protein service. Today, he is responsible for R&D projects including process development, portfolio accretion and novel applications of synthetic biology.
          • Jian Liu
            Thermo Fisher Scientific, Scientist III, Life Sciences Solutions Group
              Jian Liu works as a Scientist III at Cell Biology of the Life Sciences Solutions Group (now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific) in Frederick, Maryland, USA. He received his Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in Biochemistry from East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai, China. Mr. Liu worked in University of Southern California for six years to develop AIDS vaccine. In 2000, he joined Invitrogen in Carlsbad, California. During his tenure at Invitrogen, he worked in different departments and played different roles from developing amplifiable gene jumper kit to purifying various enzymes including MMLV, SuperScriptII and III, Taq DNA Polymerase, RNaseOUT, E. coli DNA Polymerases and DNaseI in large scale. In 2006, he moved to Bioproduction division located in Frederick, Maryland, and started working on stable cell line development. He generated both DG44 and CHO-S stable cell lines expressing over 1 g/L monoclonal antibody in fed-batch mode. In 2014, he joined cell culture essential group and focused on scalability of novel transient transfection system -- ExpiCHO Expression System 刘健先生现为Thermo Fisher Scientific公司细胞生物学部门的资深研究员,在美国马里兰州弗雷德里克工作,拥有华东理工大学的生物化学学士以及硕士学位。刘健先生曾在美国南加州大学从事艾滋病疫苗研发工作长达六年。 2000年,加入Invitrogen公司。在他的任职于Invitrogen公司期间,他曾在多个部门从事多种酶的纯化研究,包括MMLV, SuperScript II and III, Taq DNA聚合酶, RNaseOUT, E. coli DNA聚合酶和DNaseI。 2006年,他加入了公司位于马里兰州弗雷德里克的生物生产部门,并开始从事稳定细胞系的开发,期间他参与开发的DG44和CHO-S的稳定细胞株在流加培养中的单克隆抗体表达超过1克/升。 2014年,他加入了细胞培养部门,专注于新型瞬时蛋白表达系统- ExpiCHO表达系统的规模化开发。
            • Shreya Lowmaster, MS
              Scientist II, Cell Biology, Thermo Fisher Scientific
                Shreya received her Masters of Science degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University at Buffalo. Her research focused on disease progression in multiple sclerosis patients with a particular emphasis in lipid and cholesterol derivative analysis. She has previous experience as a Research Technician at the University at Buffalo, Department of Microbiology and Immunology where she gained a vast knowledge in molecular biology techniques. She joined as a Scientist in Gibco Bioproduction Services in 2016 with her current research efforts focusing on mammalian cell culture optimization, New Product Introduction, cell line and process development.
              • Dennis Niermeier, MS
                Scientist, IBA Life Sciences
                  Dennis Niermeier received his master's degree in biotechnology from the University of Applied Sciences in Bremerhaven. During his master's study at the department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at the Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine, he worked on the development of a protein purification platform and in cell line development. In 2012, Dennis Niermeier joined IBA GmbH. He is responsible for the mammalian custom protein expression & purification service and the product development in this field.
                • Dean Staus, PhD
                  Postdoctoral Researcher, Duke University
                    Dean Staus received his Bachelor of Science degree in biology from the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater and his PhD in pathology from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Robert Lefkowitz's laboratory at Duke University.
                  • Marc Storms
                    Product Marketing Manager Life Sciences Business Unit, Materials and Structural Analysis, Analytical Instruments Group, Thermo Fisher Scientific
                      Marc Storms has studied biology / plant pathology at Wageningen University and UC Davis. He obtained his PhD in Virology studying the intercellular trafficking of Bunyaviruses. After his PhD he joined Philips / FEI Electron Optics / Thermo Fisher Scientific, first as applications specialist TEM and later as Product Manager where he has been involved in the (hardware and software) development and release of various Transmission Electron Microscopes (e.g. Morgagni and Tecnai Spirit) as well as instruments for sample preparation (Vitrobot Mk I-IV generations). Currently, Marc is responsible for the product marketing of Structural Biology related products and workflow solutions for single particle analysis (SPA). As such, he has been involved in new key initiatives for structural biology Cryo-EM solutions such as the Titan Krios, the Talos Arctica, Talos L120C, applications software developments for SPA (i.e. EPU SW) as well as methods to enhance contrast and detector performance such as the Volta phase plate and several generations of the Falcon direct electron detectors.
                    • Krishna Vattem, Ph.D.
                      Senior R & D Scientist, Protein and Cell Analysis, Thermo Fisher Scientific
                        Krishna's PhD and postdoctural work focused on understanding control mechanisms regulating the initiation of protein translation in eukaryotes. Following his academic training, he joined Thermo Fisher Scientific and has led multiple projects including the development of the HeLa and CHO lysate based cell-free translation systems, also known asThermo Scientific1-Step In VitroTranslation (IVT) Systems, which contain all the necessary reagents to express proteins of interest in as little as one hour.
                      • Laura Wingler, PhD
                        Postdoctoral Researcher, Duke University
                          Laura Wingler received her Bachelor of Science degrees in chemistry and biochemistry from North Carolina State University and her PhD in chemistry from Columbia University. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Robert Lefkowitz's laboratory at Duke University.
                        • Chao Yan Liu
                          Sr. Staff Scientist, Cell Biology, Thermo Fisher Scientific
                            Chao Yan Liu, is a Senior Staff Scientist, at Cell Biology of the Life Sciences Solutions Group - now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific - at the Frederick (MD - USA) location. She received the M.D. degree from the Hebei Medical University (Hebei, China) and the Master degree in Pathology from the Academy of Military Medical Sciences in Beijing, China. After being very active for more than ten years in academic research in the field of cellular biology and immunology, in 2005 she joined the Research and Development department of the former Life Technologies. She has made great contributions to more than ten of the Gibco brand Cell Culture Essential products including AlgiMatrix 3D Culture System, OpTmizer CTS T-Cell Expansion SFM, TrypLE Select Enzyme, ES Cell Qualified FBS, GlutaMAX media supplement, FreeStyle F17 Expression Medium and CD FortiCHO Medium. She has extensive experiences in mammalian cell culture, serum and protein free, chemical defined medium formation as well as protein expression. In the past five years, she served as leading scientist to focus on the development of two novel transient transfection systems, Expi293™ and ExpiCHO Expression Systems. 公司细胞生物学部门的高级研究员,在美国马里兰州弗雷德里克工作。Chao Yan Liu女士拥有河北医科大学的医学学士学位和军事医学科学院的病理学硕士学位,先后在威斯康辛州血液中心的血液研究所以及纽约州立大学水牛城分校从事细胞生物学和免疫学领域的学术研究工作。Chao Yan Liu女士于2005年加入原Life Technologies公司研发部,对Gibco™ 品牌下十余款细胞培养产品的研发做出了卓越贡献,包括AlgiMatrix™ 3D培养系统、OpTmizer™ CTS™ T细胞扩增无血清培养基、TrypLE™ Select酶、适用于胚胎干细胞的FBS、MesenPRO RS™ 细胞培养基、GlutaMAX™ 培养基添加剂、FreeStyle™ F17表达培养基和CD FortiCHO™ 培养基,在哺乳动物细胞培养,尤其是化学成分确定的无血清和无蛋白培养以及重组蛋白表达方面积累了丰富的经验。最近五年,她作为瞬时蛋白表达课题研发的技术负责人致力于两种新型哺乳动物瞬时蛋白表达系统--Expi293™和ExpiCHO™的研究开发并取得了突破性进展。
                          • Nan Yang
                            Field Application Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific
                              Yang Nan is a technical support for the expression of instantaneous protein in the European region of Thermo Fisher Technology. She received a bachelor's degree in life Science from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore in 2006, followed by a PhD in biofilm research at the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon, France, in 2011. 楊楠是賽默飛世爾科技在歐洲地區表達瞬時蛋白質的技術支持。 她於2006年獲得新加坡南洋理工大學生命科學學士學位,隨後於2011年在法國里昂國家應用科學研究所獲得生物膜研究博士學位。
                            • Maya Yovcheva
                              R&D Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific
                                Maya has been an R&D Scientist with Thermo Fisher Scientific for about three years, focusing primarily on the development of novel tools for protein expression in insect cells. She has a strong background in cell culture, molecular biology, and protein expression. Maya has obtained a BSc in Molecular Biology from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" (Bulgaria) and an MSc in Medical Biotechnologies from Wageningen University (The Netherlands).
                              • Jon Zmuda, PhD
                                Director, Cell Biology, Life Sciences Solutions Group, Thermo Fisher Scientific
                                  Jonathan Zmuda is a Director of Cell Biology at Thermo Fisher Scientific in Frederick, Maryland. Jon leads a team dedicated to discovering and developing new technologies and products useful for cell biology applications, including transient protein expression, advanced cell culture, and rare-cell analysis. He received his Ph.D. in Cell Biology from the University of Maryland, College Park.

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