OCT 29, 2014 03:00 PM PDT

Drug-tailored, efficacy-predictive and prognostic biomarker approaches for proper patient selection

  • Chief Scientific Officer, XTuit Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
      Dr. Peter Blume-Jensen has extensive expertise in basic and translational cancer research, oncogenic signaling, and targeted oncology therapeutics drug discovery prior to joining Metamark as CSO in 2010.  From 2001 to 2008 Peter was department head at first Serono, US and later at Merck Research Laboratories, Merck & Co, Inc. where he established novel, integrated oncology drug discovery departments and programs linking therapeutics to patient responder populations. During his tenure he advanced a number of pre-clinical drug programs into the clinic, and provided translational support for clinical programs. Since 2008 he was Exec. Dir. and Vice President for External Scientific Affairs at Daiichi Sankyo Inc., served as the global 'Therapeutic Area Advisor' for Oncology, and was co-responsible for formulating a global oncology R&D strategy. He co-led the scientific M&A and due diligence resulting in the acquisition of Plexxikon (US$935M).  In 2010 he joined Metamark as CSO and 2nd employee.  Here he built and let R&D, a world-class KOL Advisory Board, and a novel, automated proteomics imaging platform for CLIA-certified cancer tests.  He designed and let 4 clinical studies culminating with the successful blinded, clinical validation of ProMark, a prognostic prostate cancer biopsy test for intact tissue.  During the initial commercial launch in Q1-2, 2014 he led Medical Affairs and training of all commercial staff.  Since June 2014, Peter has joined Xtuit Pharmaceuticals, a targeted therapeutics start-up, as CSO, and first employee.  Peter continues to serve as Chief Scientific Advisor and on the SAB for Metamark and also has joined the SAB of Veritas Gene, Inc, a NGS company.
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      <br />Dr. Blume-Jensen has authored highly-cited original articles, reviews, and book chapters in Personalized Molecular Oncology. His review 'Oncogenic Kinase Signaling' in Nature is a citation classic in 'Clinical Medicine', and his work on genetically engineered cancer and male infertility mouse models has been widely portrayed on CNN and other news channels. His approaches for efficacy-predictive biomarkers have appeared on Nature Biotechnology's 'Hot patents' watch-list and in numerous Editorial highlights for Personalized Oncology. Dr. Blume-Jensen obtained his M.D. from Copenhagen, Denmark, his Ph.D. from Dr. Carl-Henrik Heldin's laboratory at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Uppsala, Sweden, and conducted his Post-Doctoral studies in Dr. Tony Hunter's laboratory at the Salk Institute, La Jolla, CA. He has consulted extensively for Biotech and Pharma on targeted therapeutics and Precision Medicine.
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    Over the last decade we have witnessed tremendous advances in our understanding of the underlying molecular alterations in human cancer. This has stimulated excitement for our ability to develop effective targeted therapies and diagnostic tests based on genetic information. However, there have been only limited successes, to a great extent due to the challenges of matching inferred signaling pathway alterations based on specific genetic mutations with often inferred effects of a particular drug. The presentation will provide an example of a functional, pathway-based approach for identification of drug-tailored, efficacy-predictive biomarkers based on post-translationally modified proteins involved in the aggressive, metastatic cancer phenotype. Moreover, we will describe the de novo development and clinical validation of a novel proteomics prostate cancer biopsy test for intact tissue based on quantitative multiplex immunofluorescence and image analysis. The described approaches enable development of powerful prognostic and efficacy-predictive, protein-based, quantitative biomarkers for better clinical treatment decisions and outcome.

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