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Strategies for High-Titer Protein Expression Using the ExpiCHO and Expi293 Transient Expression Systems (presented in Chinese)

  • Sr. Staff Scientist, Cell Biology, Thermo Fisher Scientific
      Chao Yan Liu, is a Senior Staff Scientist, at Cell Biology of the Life Sciences Solutions Group - now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific - at the Frederick (MD - USA) location. She received the M.D. degree from the Hebei Medical University (Hebei, China) and the Master degree in Pathology from the Academy of Military Medical Sciences in Beijing, China. After being very active for more than ten years in academic research in the field of cellular biology and immunology, in 2005 she joined the Research and Development department of the former Life Technologies. She has made great contributions to more than ten of the Gibco brand Cell Culture Essential products including AlgiMatrix 3D Culture System, OpTmizer CTS T-Cell Expansion SFM, TrypLE Select Enzyme, ES Cell Qualified FBS, GlutaMAX media supplement, FreeStyle F17 Expression Medium and CD FortiCHO Medium. She has extensive experiences in mammalian cell culture, serum and protein free, chemical defined medium formation as well as protein expression. In the past five years, she served as leading scientist to focus on the development of two novel transient transfection systems, Expi293™ and ExpiCHO Expression Systems.

      公司细胞生物学部门的高级研究员,在美国马里兰州弗雷德里克工作。Chao Yan Liu女士拥有河北医科大学的医学学士学位和军事医学科学院的病理学硕士学位,先后在威斯康辛州血液中心的血液研究所以及纽约州立大学水牛城分校从事细胞生物学和免疫学领域的学术研究工作。Chao Yan Liu女士于2005年加入原Life Technologies公司研发部,对Gibco™ 品牌下十余款细胞培养产品的研发做出了卓越贡献,包括AlgiMatrix™ 3D培养系统、OpTmizer™ CTS™ T细胞扩增无血清培养基、TrypLE™ Select酶、适用于胚胎干细胞的FBS、MesenPRO RS™ 细胞培养基、GlutaMAX™ 培养基添加剂、FreeStyle™ F17表达培养基和CD FortiCHO™ 培养基,在哺乳动物细胞培养,尤其是化学成分确定的无血清和无蛋白培养以及重组蛋白表达方面积累了丰富的经验。最近五年,她作为瞬时蛋白表达课题研发的技术负责人致力于两种新型哺乳动物瞬时蛋白表达系统--Expi293™和ExpiCHO™的研究开发并取得了突破性进展。


    The ExpiCHO and Expi293 transient expression systems offer all-in-one solutions for generating high-titer recombinant proteins for a broad range of research applications including candidate drug identification, reagent production, structural biology and vaccine research and membrane protein biology. While both Expi systems offer the ability to generate high levels of recombinant proteins, the inherent differences between HEK293 cells and CHO cells make these systems differentially applicable for various protein expression needs. Here, we present the latest data on the ExpiCHO and Expi293 Expression systems as well as suggested paradigms for instances where either Expi293 or ExpiCHO would be most applicable for a given research requirement

    Gibco ExpiCHO Expi293系统是两款全新优化的瞬时重组蛋白高表达系统,目前已广泛应用于治疗性候选药物的早期鉴定,诊断性试剂的快速生产,以及疫苗研发、结构生物学和膜蛋白生物学等研究领域,成为可以在瞬转中获得极高的蛋白产量的一站式有效途径和工具。虽然多种重组蛋白均可在这两款瞬时表达系统中获得高水平表达,但HEK293 细胞和 CHO 细胞之间存在的内在差异,决定了它们对应各种不同的蛋白质表达需求有各自的适应性。在今天的报告中我们将与同道们分享ExpiCHOExpi293两大系统研发和应用的最新进展,以及一些具有建设性意义的范例,以期帮助广大用户在特定的研究需求下知晓如何从ExpiCHO Expi293中选择最适用的瞬时重组蛋白表达系统。

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