Human Tissue models for better therapies



The OrganoPlate is a microtiterplate based Organ-on-a-Chip platform for high throughput drug safety and efficacy screening. It contains up to 96 cell culture  chambers that allow co-culture of 3D tissues under continuous perfusion. Highly physiologically relevant tissue and disease models are constructed by (co-)culturing human cells in 3D under continuous perfusion whilst maintaining ease of use and compatibility with standard equipment. This presentation will highlight several applications of the OrganoPlate including models of vasculature, gut, kidney, liver, brain and tumor physiology including iPS and organoid based tissues. The models are interrogated using a variety of assays including (Confocal) Immunocytochemistry, calcium imaging, barrier integrity assessment, qPCR and TEER measurements.

Learning Objectives:

1. Introduce the audience to the fields of organ-on-a-chip and micro physiological systems for preclinical research

2. Explain current tissue culture modalities and (high throughput) assays available in organs on chips

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