APR 13, 2017 09:00 AM PDT
Keynote Presentation - DNA Standards and Bioinformatics Benchmarks for Metagenomics
Presented at the Molecular Diagnostics 2017 Virtual Event
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  • Associate Professor, Weill Cornell Medicine Dept. of Physiology and Biophysics
      Dr. Mason's laboratory builds and deploys biochemical and computational technologies to understand and engineer human and other genomes. He is Principal Investigator or co-Investigator on several NASA missions and projects. Some missions will discern the molecular basis of changes in the human body during long-term human space travel, including genetic, epigenetic, transcriptional, and metagenomic changes. One additional mission is optimizing a new method of space-based DNA nanopore sequencing, and his group is also creating other genetic technologies and algorithms that can measure nucleic acids in space. Notably, the nanopore-based sequencing methods he has pioneered with NASA/UCSF scientists will enable mid-mission, rapid pathogen diagnostics for astronauts, create new applications of sequencing for space exploration (exobiology), and to discover novel DNA/RNA base modifications.


    Genomics and metagenomics have become ubiquitous research efforts.  Here we will show details of the development of physical, computational, and even space-based standards for metagenomics, as part of the International Metagenomics and Microbiome Standards Alliance (IMMSA).  Also, pilot data will be shown for enabling patients to become more involved in their ‘omics data, including an integrative genomics view of entire cities (based on our MetaSUB project) that leverages longitudinal metagenome and microbiome profiles of the world’s subway systems and cites, including the 2016 Rio Olympics. All of these methods and molecular tools work together to guide the most comprehensive, longitudinal, mutli-omic view of integrated genomics with the NASA Twins Study and new technologies to mine, engineer, and sequence DNA in for long-term human space travel.

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