AUG 24, 2022 7:00 AM PDT

Light Field Microscopy Camera Solutions

Sponsored by: Teledyne Photometrics

Event Date & Time
Date:  August 24, 2022
Time: 7:00am (PDT),  10:00pm (EDT), 4:00pm (CEST)
Light field microscopy was first introduced in 2006, and allows users to capture the 4D light field within the microscope, resulting in 3D volumetric imaging with a single snapshot. Data from light field imaging results in increased axial resolution, and also contains information on directionality, perspective, even allowing for digital refocusing after capture.
In this webinar, guest speakers and light field microscopy experts Prof. Liang Gao and Prof. Shu Jia discuss the use of light field microscopy in life sciences research, its benefits/challenges, the use of sCMOS cameras in light field, and where light field imaging will go in the future. We also have an introduction to light field microscopy from Teledyne Photometrics Content Manager Dr. Matthew Kose-Dunn, and an outline of our Kinetix family sCMOS camera solutions for light field from Product Manager Dr. Phil Allen.
Light field microscopy allows for fast 3D imaging if paired with a suitable scientific camera. The Kinetix family of next-generation sCMOS cameras from Teledyne Photometrics allow light field microscopy users to maximize their field of view and speed, resulting in fast 3D imaging of entire organisms or tissue samples, an excellent fit for calcium or voltage imaging.
Teledyne Photometrics design and manufacture high-end cameras for demanding, quantitative life sciences research, and are the market leader for advanced scientific CMOS technologies.
Learning Objectives
  • Learn about the mechanisms of light field microscopy
  • Identify the benefits and challenges of light field microscopy
  • Discover the use of sCMOS cameras for light field microscopy
  • Recognize how Teledyne Photometrics cameras are used for light field
Webinars will be available for unlimited on-demand viewing after live event.

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