SEP 29, 2016 8:00 AM PDT

Magnetic 3D Bioprinting of Cells: Overcoming Imaging Obstacles in Spheroids

Sponsored by: Cytiva



 September 29, 2016
TIME:  8:00AM PT, 11AM ET

Interest in 3D cell culture has grown exponentially in recent years, partially due to 3D cultures helping to overcome the challenges of using animal models and inadequacy of 2D cultures.  Challenges are still present because of the physical nature of 3D cultures, especially when using confocal microscopy for visualization as result of limited light penetration through 3D structures. To overcome these limitations, Nano3D Biosciences and  MD Anderson together have  developed methods and protocols using magnetic 3D bioprinting techniques to successfully overcome such challenges.  The results have helped to identify novel approaches to study biology using 3D cell culture and automated confocal imaging of spheroids.
Attendees will learn:
                -Magnetic 3D bioprinting of spheroids and rings
                -Tips for high-throughput confocal imaging of 3D cells
                -Techniques for bioprinting cell co-cultures
                -Rapid 3D model formation with easy post culture analysis

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