OCT 26, 2011 02:00 PM PDT

Novel Solutions for Detection and Measurement of Autophagy: Applications for drug discovery & development

  • Technical Marketing Manager, Enzo Life Sciences Inc.
      Randy Strube is the Technical Marketing Manager for Enzo Life Sciences, Inc., a company that has been providing enabling technologies to the Life Sciences community for over 30 years. His primary responsibilities include coordination and implementation of Enzo's global tactical marketing strategy, including exhibition at international trade shows, execution of promotional campaigns, and production of electronic and traditional marketing communications. Dr. Strube joined Enzo in 2009 following its acquisition of Assay Designs, Inc., where he held various sales and marketing responsibilities since 2007. Randy's doctoral studies in Cancer Biology at Wake Forest University ('03) and post-doctoral research at the Baylor College of Medicine's Center for Cell and Gene Therapy focused on antibody engineering, breast cancer, gene therapy strategies, and tumor immunology.



    Autophagy is a normal degradative pathway that involves the sequestration of entire organelles, protein complexes, and misfolded proteins in a membrane vacuole called the autophagosome. The autophagosomal vesicle is subsequently delivered to the lysosome where it is degraded into its essential constituents and recycled back to the cytoplasm. Autophagy plays an important role in diverse biological events, not only during conditions of nutrient limitation, but it also functions in tumor suppression, the immune response, and the prevention of certain types of neurodegeneration. In this presentation, I will review several unique tools from Enzo for measuring autophagy, including new ELISA kits for the autophagy biomarkers p62 and NBR1, as well as dye-based assays for quantifying autophagy in live cells.


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